Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Homemade Face Paint

From Thriftyfun.com:

This recipe is for homemade face paint.


1 Tbsp. cold cream
1 Tbsp. corn starch, a little more or less, maybe, to make a nice paste
1/4 tsp. or more white food color - Wilton makes a great white food color.


Mix all together, then add any paste gel food color you want. Make different colors, put it in a child's empty watercolor pallet. The addition of the white food color makes it possible to use this face paint just like the real face paint. Use a wet brush and use just like the real thing.
This face paint does stain the skin, but use any dish soap with OXY in it and the paint comes off very nicely. OXY means that there is peroxide present in the product. Have fun.

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