Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Glidden Interior Paint

It's time to say goodbye to fingerprints, sharpie, glue, dirt, scuffs, and crayon on the walls...starting with my foyer.

This project began weeks ago with the collecting of color chips in various shades of beige. Lowe's had plenty of nice colors. I've used their house brand, Valspar, before and liked it well enough. Home Depot's selection proved adequate, and I've used Behr (worked well) and Glidden (wasn't impressed) before. I visited Sherwin-Williams, where the sales associate told me their paint is the best on the market, so I chose one of their colors, and bought a quart of it to sample...too yellow. The next sample was too green (my kids: "looks like barf"; "looks like poop"). I finally concocted my own color to get it just right.

I happened to be at Home Depot for something else and noticed Glidden paint on sale for $14.97 per gallon. The Bargain Huntress took notice. I hadn't even considered Glidden, because of it's lackluster performance previously, but $14.97 for Glidden vs. $40 for Sherwin-Williams tempted me.

After further consideration and research, I discovered that Glidden paint has been revamped, so I decided to go for it.

Glidden doesn't claim to cover in one coat. In fact, the guy at Home Depot recommended two coats. However, I found that Glidden covered just as well as other paint brands I've used that claim to cover in just one coat (which has never happened in my experience). It only required touch-ups here and there.

Here's the final result:

It's 50% Greenbriar Beige, 50% La Fonda Boulder.

The final word: I would paint with Glidden again, even at the regular price (about $20/gallon).

  • Buy samples first! I was sure the first paint chip I decided on was the color. It took 4 more tries to find the right one. Paint samples ($3) came in handy and saved me from buying 2 gallons of a color that would not have worked for me.
  • On a side note, painter's tape (the blue stuff) is worth the slightly higher cost. For the longest time, I have used regular masking tape, which allows paint to seep through. This time I used painter's tape, and had 2 minor leaks, saving me a lot of time on finishing touches.

By the way, my paint color needs a name. Do you have any suggestions?


  1. Becky, it looks gorgeous! I just bought some Glidden too and agree that the new product is much better. Plus I really liked the shiny purple can in came in.
    I am thinking in the classic Celebrity style, you should call it something like GreenBoulder. Or LaFondaBriar, which is much more fun. ;)

  2. well, becky, i landed here pursuing leads on the hoover cleaner. seems like we are on the same page...umm--then the snow stuff on ur site, and then i caught sight of PAINT--wwhoo, like as in the "squirrel" to dog, disney--UP movie.
    i used to love the sears "brand" paint, which was actually manufactured by s. williams. now, locally our sears doesnt carry paint, and i dont want to travel over an hour in traffic trying to find a sears with i am happy to find ur glidden review which i can find 10 min from here. i have kitchen, a patio door and various like 3 kinds of different colors/gallons. thanx for the savings tip. as for ur paint name...i kinda like a flip on the last names...
    boulder-beige, so professional! 8D

  3. The wall looks great! I still think you are so brave for painting so far up on a ladder :) With a steal of a deal like that I may just start painting this weekend...

  4. That turned out great Becky! I love the color you made, it's perfect! Can't wait to see the entire entry way! Good job!

  5. I'm getting ready to paint downstairs. I need a color, yours looks great.