Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Magnavox H2160MW9 DVD Recorder

You don't have to order cable or satellite to enjoy the benefits of a DVR. The Magnavox H2160MW9 HDD and DVD Recorder allows you to record television using a tuner.

Last fall we ordered a fiber-optic tv and internet service package that included a DVR--our first ever. We got instantly hooked on the DVR. However, I didn't like the fact that my children stayed GLUED to the television. So after a few months we cancelled the television service.

Then World Cup rolled around, and my husband really wished we had the DVR to record the World Cup games during work hours. That's when I went to work and found the Magnavox DVD Recorder. (Over my shoulder he just called it his "World Cup Savior...everything [he] hoped it would be.")

We're saving $70 per month on the television service, but still get the convenience of a DVR.


  • Amazon's price is the best deal I can find on the internet right now.

  • All you need is a digital television and an antenna. You can buy an antenna on the internet, or follow this youtube tutorial to build one (my 13-year-old son built ours, and it works better than the store-bought one we had before).

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Homemade Fabric Softener

You will need:

2 C hair conditioner
3 C vinegar
6 C water

Add 3 C vinegar

Add 2 C hair conditioner (find the cheapest--I paid a little over $1 for 2 C)

Add 6 C water

Mix/shake, then pour into a container with a lid.
Use the same amount you would use for regular fabric softener.

vinegar: $0.52
conditioner: $1.12
Total cost: $1.62 for 2/3 gallon, which will last for 44 loads

At the store you'll pay about $3.45 for 44 dryer sheets or $7.13 for 44 loads of Downy. That's a savings of at least 50%

  • Lower the cost even more. Soak a sponge in the fabric softener. Squeeze out most of the excess. Throw it into the dryer with your load instead.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Homemade Furniture Polish

From Thriftyfun.com:

Homemade Furniture Polish

"This is an excellent furniture polish and most everyone has these two products in their home. Use equal parts of olive oil and vinegar (like 1/4 cup olive oil and 1/4 cup vinegar). It cleans and shines at the same time!"

By laniegirl from IA

Monday, August 9, 2010

San Marcos...Again

I've only been a few times. It's not hurting anyone.

I didn't really mean to go to San Marcos again. It just happened.

I have quit shopping a bunch of times already. I can quit anytime I want--I don't have a problem.

My family thinks it's weird that I sleep with a shopping bag under my pillow and wake up thinking about shopping, but I know what I'm doing....I can handle it.

Is 9 am too early to start shopping?

Anyway, check out our back-to-school fashion show:

The original price of everything we purchased totaled $1056.

We paid $258. We averaged 75% savings.


  • Never pay full price. Nuff said!

  • My frugal husband would not let me forget to factor in the cost of the hotel, gas and meals. We minimized that cost by driving/lodging with friends and bringing some snacks of our own.

  • Or you can call it a family vacation with a side of shopping.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Save on Groceries by Growing Your Own

We have succes in our watermelon patch this year.

Here are the next babies to pluck.

Look at the size of this watermelon complared to my babies!


The pack of seeds cost me $1. Watermelons half this size cost $4 at the grocery store right now. We have at least 8 watermelons growing at the moment. Our ROI is roughly 3000% (if I got my math right).

  • It's not too late to grow a garden depending on where you live. Right now is the perfect time to plant fall tomatoes in Texas. Use this fall gardening guide for more information.
  • Gardening is easier than you think. One year we got lots of big watermelons from a vine that started from seed spitting. Another year I gave my 6-year-old son a packet of cucumber seeds and sent him to the garden. We had our best cucumber plants that year. Give it a try!