Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Coupons Update

So...after a month of coupon-ing like gangbusters, I re-evaluated my commitment. I certainly got a LOT of great bargains. In fact, I spent $200 more on groceries during the month than I usually do. (If my husband happens to be reading this...Oops! Sorry, honey!) My cupboards are full, and I probably don't need to buy toothpaste until I'm either ready for dentures or dead. However, I gave into the temptation to buy a lot of stuff (especially snack foods that I rarely purchase) just because I had a coupon.

I'm not totally forsaking coupons, because I got several items totally free! My new strategy goes like this:
  • Only use coupons on items I need or regularly use.
  • Track my budget carefully.
  • If there is an item that is free or less than $0.25, go ahead and get it.

Here are a few examples:

Photobucket I don't normally buy refrigerated biscuits, crescent rolls, etc. But I got all these for $1 and my kids love them as snacks.

Photobucket I rarely buy frozen entrees. But this one was so cheap, I snagged it for my "hungry man," who is 14 and on the cross-country team right now.

We always need toothpaste. These were on sale for $1 a piece. I had coupons for $1 off Crest toothpaste. I thought I was getting 6 tubes for free, but sadly, 2 of my coupons were expired. Lesson learned. Still, 6 tubes for $2 is not bad.

  • Determine for yourself how much your time is worth. My coupon skills improved, but only slightly. So it still takes me quite a bit of time to figure it all out.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Speaking of Ulta...

On another trip to Ulta, I got all this...

for less than $10! I shopped the sales (several cosmetic lines were 40% off); then I stacked several manufacturers coupons with an Ulta store coupon. Score!

  • If it's not in your budget to buy beauty products, it's not a bargain.
  • Don't be tempted to spend money on frivolous items just because you have a coupon or there is a sale. Another sale or another coupon will always come around.
  • However, it might be a great time to snag some stocking stuffers if you have a teenaged daughter like I do.