Thursday, July 29, 2010

Clearance at Children's Place

I stopped by The Children's Place yesterday.

Here's what I found:

Overall that's 80% savings. These will come in handy when my soon-to-arrive nephews/nieces come along.
  • Don't be afraid to backtrack. I initially bought twice as many items, thinking they were lower-priced than they actually rang up at the register. When I got to the exit, I turned around and returned the items that weren't "bargain huntress worthy." It helped my budget and saved me a return trip later.
  • Note to The Children's Place (just in case they're reading...): Please make your sale signs less confusing. Half the items on a "$2.99" rack are not actually $2.99. You get away with it, because the sign says, "select styles," but you frustrate your customers.

Monday, July 26, 2010

GE Toaster

Sometimes it's not worth the spreadsheets, the time spent deliberating, the trips to several stores, and the visits to a multitude of websites.

Sometimes, you just go to Walmart, choose your favorite, and make the purchase.

Case in point: a toaster. Prices range from $20 to $300, but if you're not in the market for a gourmet toaster, the time spent researching is not worth the savings. There are thousands of toasters out there--all very similar, and all priced competitively.

Here's my new one:

$35 @ Walmart. Works great!
  • Small kitchen electrics in general are not worth a "bargain hunt."
  • Some GE Appliances @ Walmart include a 2-year warranty where you can bring it back to the store if it breaks within the two years--a nice little bonus.