Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sale at Ikea

Save up to 60% at Ikea.

Ends July 5th.

Check out these special weekend offers, including kids eat free!

Find a store near you.
  • Give yourself a budget before you go. A lot of great deals can add up by the time you reach the checkout.

40% Off at Children's Place

Friday, June 25, 2010

40% Off Entire Purchase at Ann Taylor Loft

Get 40% off your entire purchase at Loft.

  • Head to the clearance racks first. You will find the best deals there.
  • The discount will be taken at the register. So the actual price of each item is 40% less than what's on the pricetag.

Additional 50% Off at BCBG

Take an additional 50% off everything in stores or online.

  • In my experience, you will find better selection and deeper discounts at the stores rather than online.
  • The additional 50% off is not available at the Final Cut stores.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Homemade Fabric Softener

You'll need:
3 C vinegar
2 C hair conditioner (any kind)
6 C water

Measure 3 C vinegar

Pour into a container big enough to mix all the ingredients (11 C + bubbles).

Add 2 C conditioner.

Then add 6 C water.

End result...

My cost for 44 loads = $1.62
Dryer sheets for 44 loads = $3.45
Downy for 44 loads = $7.13

  • Read this article to make it last even longer.
  • Is the cost savings worth it? Maybe. Maybe not. But if you're in a pinch, it's easy to make from items you have at home and takes maybe 5 minutes.
  • And you can always claim you're helping the environment.
  • If you have a household member that is sensitive to store bought fabric softener, this method will allow you to control the additives.

Monday, June 7, 2010

San Marcos: Part 2, The Report

Had to have enough room to bring back our stuff.

A pile of F.U.N.

Have you seen the magazine features entitled, "Look like a million bucks for under $100"?
Then they show a belt for $99, or a t-shirt for $75 (only a slight exaggeration).
This entire outfit--shoes, jeans, top, and earrings--came from the Kenneth Cole outlet for $110.

Matching Gymboree fur vests, $5 each.

Gap jeans with just the right amount of stretch, originally $40.

Gap knit tops (2 on right) originally $27; Banana tees (2 on left) originally $17.

Other finds:
  • EVERYTHING @ the Victoria's Secret outlet was $5.
  • DC shoes for my 9-year-old for $10 (originally $80).
  • Osh Kosh jeans and tees for $4 each.
  • Farting Fred and the Dog Show @ the Oops! outlet--my gift for being the driver :)


  • Travel for less to maximize your shopping money. The six of us drove in my SUV to share gas. We shared 2 hotel rooms. We also bought breakfast and lunch @ Walmart and ate lunch on a grassy area at the mall.
  • What happens in the car stays in the car. This is a warning/threat/piece of advice. If you want to get invited again, DO NOT repeat silly and/or incriminating information gleaned during the road trip.

Recycle Waste Water in Your Garden

Tip from

"A great tip for water drought areas. When taking a bath, save the water! Plants love the soap to kill off insects and salts for the nutritional value. We drink tea, soft drinks, milk, etc. and save those containers. After your bath, emptying your kids pool, after boiling potatoes, corn, eggs etc. let the water cool down. Then water your plants. I will get about 12 gallons from one bath. Why let it go down the drain? Use it on your flowers or veggies. Reuse your dishpan water also. When you get in the habit of doing this you would be amazed on how much would have gone to waste down the drain."

By Doreen from Bartow, FL