Saturday, March 7, 2009

Panasonic DMR-EZ48VK DVD/VHS Player

My parents found this dvd recorder/vhs player at Costco for $279 and asked me to do my Bargain Huntress thing for them.

Step 1:

Go to to check their review of this item.

Step 2:

Since cnet rated this item "very good," and it has all the features my parents want, I skipped searching for another dvd player that might be comparable or better.

Step 3:

Search this item with Google Shopping using the exact item description found in the title of this blog post.

Step 4:

Weigh price options (including shipping) with seller reliability. It turns out that the best price for a brand new one (ignoring the sellers that got poor ratings) is at Costco.

Step 5:

Check,, and, since not every item out there shows up on Google shopping. The dvd player was listed on ebay (by a seller with stellar feedback) for $144.95 + free shipping. The caveat--it's refurbished. However, that just means the packaging was slightly damaged or opened. It was not rebuilt or repaired. Furthermore, the seller offers a 90-day warranty (the same as Costco). My parents decided refurbished would be acceptable.

Step 6:

Order it!


  • Double check. Before you hit the "buyitnow" button, be sure it's the exact item you want, in the condition you want. (Note to self: Double check the shipping address, too. I accidentally shipped it to my home instead of my parents'. That means this Bargain Hunt is costing me $15 in shipping to get it from my house to theirs. I could kick myself!)

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