Wednesday, December 9, 2009

$30 For Longer Lasting Joy


"Being frugal does not mean one should not enjoy life, just that we should examine our way of life to see if what we are doing is bringing us pleasure for the cost associated. I recently had the problem of deciding to fill in the artificial nails that was given to me as a gift from my husband or taking them off and saving the money spent for upkeep. I do feel like I'm worth $15 every other week, but in the end I think it just comes down to the fact that I have other interests that I would rather put my money....For me personally, I decided I would get just as much enjoyment for my $30 this month in the following way: I could buy school supplies for a child I do not know or I could buy a lot of pencils and take to the school for use when a child does not have one. The next month I could find a nursing home in my area and take $30 worth of socks in all different sizes or I could save my money for a couple of months and take some nightgowns and pj's for the ones that do not have family.

"My nails were pretty but I found after examining that I can get much more joy for my money. I'm gonna take the same money and buy some polish, calcium and vitamin D (as someone mentioned) and work on my own nails and use the left over money in a more frugal and neighborly use. "

By notwrong

  • Other ideas for small doses of philanthropy:
  • Buy $30 worth of toiletries to donate to a local woman's shelter.
  • Take $30 worth of canned goods to a local food pantry.
  • Save the $30 a month until the holiday season, and provide a nice meal and gifts for a family in need.
  • Buy $30 worth of books to donate to your child's library.
  • Do you have other ideas?

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