Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Children's Place Winter Clearance

I love getting inexpensive children's clothing at The Children's Place.

  • You can stock up for next fall, or wear them now. (Did you see my last post? Like I said, it's still cold here.)
  • If, like me, you have an 11-year-old daughter who thinks she's 15, DO NOT buy her clothes that say "The Children's Place" on them. The result will involve slammed doors, tears, and rolled eyes.


  1. Thanks Becky for the tip...I got a lot of great items for all the kids. I got some shirts for Grayce as low as $1.99. I wanted to share these coupon codes I found to save 15% off your purchase online. Plus if you have a place perks card you can use that also.
    15% off - Code: E79AA - Expires: Feb 07, 2010
    15% off - Code: C99AA - Expires: Feb 07, 2010
    I saved $11.00 with the code.

  2. I busted my budget for this month. Will this sale be going the first week of Feb?