Thursday, March 3, 2011

Try Groupon

One of my newest favorite places to find bargains is They have great deals on local businesses. You go to, select the city where you want to find deals, then wait for a deal to snatch up.

I found two great bargains recently. Last December they offered a $50 Nordstrom Rack gift certificate for $25! So I found awesome deals at Nordstrom Rack, then basically got another 50% off the discount prices. I bought several sweaters, a pair of pants, tights, and some t-shirts for $25. I'm about to use the other one when I go to Hawaii. I bought surfing lessons for my husband and me. We each get a two-hour lesson for $43 a piece. I was expecting to pay $100. That's over 50% off. I can't wait to go surfing!!!

  • You can choose more than one city to watch (receive emails for).
  • Make sure you read the fine print. Don't waste your money because you weren't aware of all the rules.

1 comment:

  1. I was thinking about trying Groupon but then the Valentines Day flower fiasco was publicized all over the internet and it made me not trust them. I'm glad you're having good luck! Surfing sounds awesome, especially if you're learning in Hawaii.