Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Digital Camera: Part Deux

Suzanne* writes:

"Hi Becky. Our digital camera died on Mothers Day. John and I are pretty bummed about it. I thought I might surprise him with a new camera for Fathers Day. I liked the info you had gathered earlier for yourself on cameras. But I want to know if you are still happy with the camera you bought now that you've owned it and used it for a while. I think you got it for a steal because I cannot find it for that price anywhere - at least anywhere that I know of. Could you recommend some websites for me to shop? Or tell me a little more about the runner up cameras you considered that I could find for a comparable price? My budget is $120. Thanks!"

*Names have been changed to protect a surprise.

First, I ABSOLUTELY still love my camera (Canon Powershot A590IS). Now that I've had it for a few months, I'm practically a professional photographer. :)

However, Suzanne's right. I can't find it anywhere online for the price I paid--unless it's used or refurbished.

So, here are some new options:

Samsung S860: $79.99 at amazon.com

Pros: It's compact and the cheapest of my bunch.
Cons: Offers minimal features.

Olympus Stylus 840: $99.95 at amazon.com.

Pros: Highest optical zoom (5x) in my bunch.
Cons: Average features.

Canon Powershot A480: $118 on Butterflyphoto.com.

Pros: 10 megapixels is the most in my bunch, good manual controls, great menu system.
Cons: Tiny zoom, minimal external controls.

Canon Powershot A470: $86.99 on amazon.com.

Pros: Takes great pictures, and takes them fast.
Cons: Chunky body, average features.

WWBD: Using the same spreadsheet as last time, I determined that the Canon Powershot A470 is the best deal right now. If you don't like the yellow, you can pay $5 more to get the silver or blue.

  • Evaluate objectively. Since there are so many different options available, I built a spreadsheet based on important features, price, etc, to score each camera. It's easier for me to determine the best deal this way.
  • If someone can find a better price, (Chris J., I'm talking to you...) please let Suzanne know before she buys! You can be king or queen of my blog for the day.

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  1. "Suzanne" (I'll still call her that even though the cat's out of the bag.) found the Canon Powershot A470 on sale at Walmart.com (http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=9208354) for $79.88. It's out of stock online, but is available at some stores still. The Walmart closest to me has them in stock, but a couple of others in the area are out. Everyone else must have figured out it's a good deal, too!