Friday, May 1, 2009

Your Bargain Huntress: Patio Furniture

Katy writes:

"Hey Becky,

I want the cute, $100, yellow, metal outdoor chairs from CB2. Ryan wants to buy the plastic $25 ones from KMart. Can you help us reach a happy medium?

Thanks! Our marriage might depend on it. :) "

Chairs have always been a difficult bargain for me. And I love the Sunny Arm Chair from CB2.

Here are some options, though:

1. Wait for the Sunny Arm Chair at CB2 to go on sale.
2. Here's an option from Living Direct for $62: Yellow Tulip Chair.
3. Here's an option from Do It Best for $50: Blue Tulip Chair.
4. Here's an option from Ikea for $40 (cute, but plastic): Urban Chair.
5. Scour garage sales or flea markets for mismatched rusty chairs (I bet you could find them for about $10 each; here's an example), then spray paint them with yellow appliance paint.

WWBD: Option #5. The thrill of the chase keeps me hunting for bargains. Additionally, I like having items in my home that personalize my space.


  1. Update: Katy found some tulip chairs on ebay for $49. She writes:

    "Hey Becky,

    After your suggestions, I decided to look on ebay and I found some new tulip chairs for $49 plus $9 shipping (which was even cheaper than Do It Best)! I guess it really pays to do a little research! So those are the ones I'm going to get. I can also paint them whatever color I want.

    Thank you for your research. It inspired me to be a more proactive shopper. Ryan seems to be satisfied with this solution."

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