Monday, June 7, 2010

San Marcos: Part 2, The Report

Had to have enough room to bring back our stuff.

A pile of F.U.N.

Have you seen the magazine features entitled, "Look like a million bucks for under $100"?
Then they show a belt for $99, or a t-shirt for $75 (only a slight exaggeration).
This entire outfit--shoes, jeans, top, and earrings--came from the Kenneth Cole outlet for $110.

Matching Gymboree fur vests, $5 each.

Gap jeans with just the right amount of stretch, originally $40.

Gap knit tops (2 on right) originally $27; Banana tees (2 on left) originally $17.

Other finds:
  • EVERYTHING @ the Victoria's Secret outlet was $5.
  • DC shoes for my 9-year-old for $10 (originally $80).
  • Osh Kosh jeans and tees for $4 each.
  • Farting Fred and the Dog Show @ the Oops! outlet--my gift for being the driver :)


  • Travel for less to maximize your shopping money. The six of us drove in my SUV to share gas. We shared 2 hotel rooms. We also bought breakfast and lunch @ Walmart and ate lunch on a grassy area at the mall.
  • What happens in the car stays in the car. This is a warning/threat/piece of advice. If you want to get invited again, DO NOT repeat silly and/or incriminating information gleaned during the road trip.


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