Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bargain Huntress Faves: Furniture

My kids keep telling me, "Stop buying furniture. We have enough!" My reply: "Don't be silly!"

Especially when there are plenty of places to find quality furniture at bargain prices. Here are my favorites:
Craigslist is great for finding a diamond in the rough or an ugly duckling at a great price.

Costco sells a different quality furniture collection bi-annually at affordable prices--especially if you have the patience to wait for the prices to drop.

Ebay offers both used and new furniture. Stay tuned for a tutorial.

If you're lucky enough to live an hour or two away, Pottery Barn outlet is a great place to shop for nice furniture. As for the rest of us, bring a truck, trailer, or pay for shipping.

5. sells traditional and contemporary styles at affordable prices. Bonus: shipping always costs $5 or less.

Here's my latest furniture acquisition using Craigslist:

Solid wood cocktail table originally from Weir's a few years ago. The seller listed it for $150; I eventually talked him down to $85.



  1. Have you ever tried or freecycle? I'm just curious how those would stack up compared to these others.

    This is very good to know, especially since I'm hoping to be in the market for cheap furniture in about a year or so. :) (crossing fingers)

  2. West Elm sometimes has good sales, and I like their furniture. In fact, West Elm is one of the stores you can choose for BH Sale Alerts. I have joined my local group through yahoo groups. There's a lot of free stuff, including furniture, but I haven't seen how nice it is. You might be able to find a diamond in the rough there as well.