Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hoover F5918-900 SteamVac Spinscrub Pet

I just bought the Hoover F5918-900 SteamVac Spinscrub Pet with a friend of mine. I know, I just bought a Bissell about 6 months ago. And I loved it...until it stopped spraying. I'm not sure what happened. The manufacturer's warranty still covered it, and Bissell was perfectly willing to fix it free of charge. However, I decided to take it back to Costco (5 min away) rather than drive to the nearest Bissell servicer (40 min away). I would have purchased the same steam cleaner again, but it wasn't on sale anymore. I would have had to pay an additional $50 to get the same one. So I researched a little more and found the Hoover to be the best deal. (Costco's return policy was a major deciding factor.)



The biggest difference between the Hoover and the Bissell was that the Bissell heats the cleaning solution for you, and the Hoover requires you to fill the solution tank with hot water.

Costco's version includes 2 of each of the cleaning solutions.

These are all "Pet" solutions. I have one dog that stays outdoors, but I think my 5 kids could give any pet a run for its money.

Here's my dirty Master bedroom carpet. The picture doesn't really do it justice...

(Just wait until you see the next picture.)

My first emptying of the dirty water. Yuck! This is what we've been rolling around on??!!

Note to self: don't empty dirty water into bathroom sink. (See next blog post for details.)


The Hoover was easy to put together, easy to use, and worked great. Now my kids have a blank canvas again to work their magic.

  • Make sure the "recovery tank" is sealed properly. I didn't have it sealed all the way once, and the Hoover wouldn't suck any solution from the carpet.
  • Pretreat spots properly beforehand. I didn't read the instructions on the bottle, so it took a little extra work (but not that much!) to get a few spots out.


  1. Glad it works good! I was wondering if you had gotten it yet. I'll have to use it next month sometimes and finish our family room :) thanks for putting it together!!

  2. My Bissell stopped spraying about the 4th or 5th time I used it. Maybe I should try the Hoover this time around too!

  3. Whatcha doin' rolling around on you master bedroom floor? wink wink