Friday, April 2, 2010

Travelocity Top Secret Hotels

Travelocity just added a new service: Top Secret Hotels. It works just like That is, you see the price, the general location, and the hotel rating, but not the name, before booking the hotel. After you pay, then you find out the exact hotel. I generally book hotels this way. Never have I experienced disappointment in the value. More often, I have been pleasantly surprised (once to the utmost) at the level of luxury for the amount of money.

Also, I have taken advantage of Travelocity from the start (years before my husband began working for its parent company). My experience with their customer service has been fabulous and they consistently have competitive rates.

The combination of Travelocity with my favorite hotel booking method fashions my perfect universe.

Even better, right now they have a promotion for a 2+ night hotel stay. Here are the details:


If you haven’t seen the exciting news already, Travelocity is pleased to announce its brand-new product: Travelocity Top Secret Hotels. It's the new, easy way for our customers to get unpublished discounted prices (up to 45% off) on 3- and 4- star hotels. We also let customers know the price upfront, so there's no guesswork when they book and no hassle of bidding (like some of those “other” guys).

In fact, a recent customer paid only $101 for a 4-star hotel in Chicago that normally would have cost $207. And a customer headed to San Francisco paid just $112 for a 3-star hotel which normally cost $202. Impressive indeed! And now we’re going to fill you in on a little secret on how to save even more.

Want an answer to “Can you get me a discount on travel?”

Yes! First encourage your friends and family to visit our site and book a Top Secret Hotel with their American Express card and enjoy $20 off a two+ night Top Secret Hotel stay when they enter the promo code AMXSECRET20. Don’t have an American Express card handy and need to use a different card? We’ve also created a “secret” introductory Friends and Family promo code, SECRET 20 they can use for a limited time as well.

Happy travels!

The Travelocity Team"

  • The hotel booking is non-refundable. So be certain of your travel plans before paying.
  • You can either use the link above to visit the Travelocity Top Secret Hotel website, or you can simply start your hotel search on the Travelocity home page. The results will include a Top Secret Hotel option at the top of the hotel list.

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