Monday, August 9, 2010

San Marcos...Again

I've only been a few times. It's not hurting anyone.

I didn't really mean to go to San Marcos again. It just happened.

I have quit shopping a bunch of times already. I can quit anytime I want--I don't have a problem.

My family thinks it's weird that I sleep with a shopping bag under my pillow and wake up thinking about shopping, but I know what I'm doing....I can handle it.

Is 9 am too early to start shopping?

Anyway, check out our back-to-school fashion show:

The original price of everything we purchased totaled $1056.

We paid $258. We averaged 75% savings.


  • Never pay full price. Nuff said!

  • My frugal husband would not let me forget to factor in the cost of the hotel, gas and meals. We minimized that cost by driving/lodging with friends and bringing some snacks of our own.

  • Or you can call it a family vacation with a side of shopping.


  1. was worth the trip just for that fashion show video....maybe you should consider sending this tape in to "Americas Next Top Model" and see if Wyatt can land a gig there :)

  2. I am slapping my knee and wiping tears from my eyes. Thank Wyatt for starting my day today with a belly laugh.

  3. I think Wyatt has a VERY promising career ahead of him! ;) Love it!!!!