Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Magnavox H2160MW9 DVD Recorder

You don't have to order cable or satellite to enjoy the benefits of a DVR. The Magnavox H2160MW9 HDD and DVD Recorder allows you to record television using a tuner.

Last fall we ordered a fiber-optic tv and internet service package that included a DVR--our first ever. We got instantly hooked on the DVR. However, I didn't like the fact that my children stayed GLUED to the television. So after a few months we cancelled the television service.

Then World Cup rolled around, and my husband really wished we had the DVR to record the World Cup games during work hours. That's when I went to work and found the Magnavox DVD Recorder. (Over my shoulder he just called it his "World Cup Savior...everything [he] hoped it would be.")

We're saving $70 per month on the television service, but still get the convenience of a DVR.


  • Amazon's price is the best deal I can find on the internet right now.

  • All you need is a digital television and an antenna. You can buy an antenna on the internet, or follow this youtube tutorial to build one (my 13-year-old son built ours, and it works better than the store-bought one we had before).

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  1. YES. AMEN. We have a DVD recorder and it is the best invention ever! Amen to this cost-saving tip.