Monday, August 2, 2010

Save on Groceries by Growing Your Own

We have succes in our watermelon patch this year.

Here are the next babies to pluck.

Look at the size of this watermelon complared to my babies!


The pack of seeds cost me $1. Watermelons half this size cost $4 at the grocery store right now. We have at least 8 watermelons growing at the moment. Our ROI is roughly 3000% (if I got my math right).

  • It's not too late to grow a garden depending on where you live. Right now is the perfect time to plant fall tomatoes in Texas. Use this fall gardening guide for more information.
  • Gardening is easier than you think. One year we got lots of big watermelons from a vine that started from seed spitting. Another year I gave my 6-year-old son a packet of cucumber seeds and sent him to the garden. We had our best cucumber plants that year. Give it a try!

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  1. Wow, those watermelons looks delicious.. I have a small garden too. Some are just in the pots because we don't have much space. One thing i also appreciate is saving through coupons..