Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Daily Shower Spray

My shower is a beast to keep clean! Using 4-inch tile with white grout, the builders must have decided to play a sick joke on the housekeeper. So I often spend my shower time scrubber in hand, especially in the spring and summer.

A daily shower spray, like Clean Shower, appeals to me as a solution. Not a bad deal for $3.

Wanna go even cheaper? Make it yourself. You probably have everything in your house already.

Daily Shower Spray (from Thriftyfun.com)

For a 24-oz spray bottle:

1/2 c rubbing alcohol
1/2 c hydrogen peroxide
6 drops Dawn dish detergent
1 capful (about 2 tsp) Jet Dry
fill to 24-oz with water (distilled or purified if you have it)

It takes about 5 minutes to gather supplies and mix them together.

alcohol & peroxide = $0.50
dawn = $.03
jet dry = $0.20

Total = $0.73 for 24 oz (75% savings)

My 24 oz bottle lasts about a month for my shower that has approximately 75 sqare feet of surface area that needs spraying (I don't spray what doesn't get wet) twice a day (after every shower). Whereas previously my shower got all nasty after 3 or 4 days, with the daily shower spray, my shower only needs a little touch up here and there after an entire month.

  • "Don't make up a big batch to refill because the H2O2 doesn't last very long and turns into good-old H2O. The H2O2 dissolves proteins (like sloughed skin and body fluids), the alcohol and Dawn dissolve oils, the Jet Dry suspends the minerals."
  • The daily shower spray doesn't work on clear glass. But I have gathered ideas I will share soon.
  • But it does clean stainless steel appliances, too. "Spray and wipe with microfiber cloth or paper towels. No streaking! I tried at least seven other cleaners before hitting upon this inexpensive method."--By digby from PA (from thriftyfun.com)

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