Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dyson DC-14

My dream came true--I got a Dyson DC-14! My old vacuum doesn't suck at all, which is precisely the problem. I have had my eye on the Dyson DC-14 for a while--did the spreadsheet a couple of years ago. The lowest price I have found is $399, and they rarely go on sale. That's why I haven't bought one...until now.

Why did I finally pull the trigger? My old Bissell and I got into a devastating argument--he wasn't pulling his weight. So I told him, "One of us has to go. It's either you or me."

The deal I found on my new Dyson came from Craigslist. The story goes: the couple got 2 new Dyson vacuums as housewarming gifts from their parents, but lost the receipt and couldn't return it, so she sold it to me for $250. The box was still sealed, and I called Dyson to register for my 5-year warranty. I can't wait to vacuum!

Here it is after assembly (which was a snap).

Before I say goodbye to the Bissell, a head-to-head competition--Bissell vs Dyson DC-14.

Brand new, completely empty Dyson canister.

A thorough vacuuming by the Bissell.

A follow-up by the Dyson.

Look at all that crud the Dyson picked up that the Bissell didn't. Granted, the Bissell is older and worn out. However, my parents and a few others did the same test and got the same results.

The Dyson DC-14 really sucks! Which is why I love it.

  • One friend of mine found the same Dyson at Kohl's for about $199. It was 40% off, and she had a coupon to use as well. There are Dyson deals out there. You just have to watch like a hawk.
  • Be careful meeting someone selling through Craigslist (or the newspaper, ebay, etc). I never go by myself and always arrange to meet somewhere public in daylight.

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  1. We have a Dyson too and LOVE it! Got mine at Kohl's before we had Sydney in that same kind of deal...was on sale, had a coupon, etc. We've had it almost 6 years and it still works like a dream. Ed Williams came over to steam clean our carpets a couple years back and he used his heavy duty commercial-grade vacuum first and didn't hardly pick up a thing - Dysons are the BEST! ENJOY!!!! ;)