Monday, March 2, 2009

Bargain Huntress Faves: Clothing

My top 5 favorite places to find great deals on clothing:

1. Consistently offering great deals on clothing and accessories for the whole family,
carries designer brands, such as BCBG, Lucky, Seven for All Mankind, etc. at affordable prices.

2. Similar to TJMaxx,

offers clothing and accessories at even lower prices (see below), if you can look past the outdated store fixtures.

3. You'll find the latest trends for affordable prices at

4. Love shopping at Nordstrom's but don't love paying their prices like me? Then go to:

I just wish one was closer.

5. The best end of season clearance sales are at

I stock up on clothes for my children at Old Navy and usually end up paying an average of $2 or $3 an item.

Ones to watch:

I haven't shopped there yet, because H&M doesn't have a store nearby yet, but I hear they have great trendsetting clothing that are inexpensive.

Another store I haven't shopped yet, but they have a huge selection of designer clothing at discount prices. I hear they have great sales, too.

Speaking of Ross, I wandered in on Saturday and exited with some great deals:

Super sexy Steve Madden heels: $9.99

Red Mondani (by Bill Blass) purse: $12.99

Queen comforter: $2.49!

Here's the proof. I could hardly believe it myself.


  • Be selective. Sometimes it's tempting (for me, anyway) to buy something just because it's so cheap. Then it sits in my closet unused, because I don't really like it or it doesn't really fit. If you won't use it, it's not a great deal after all.

  • Scour the racks...if you have time and are in the mood. Sometimes the best deals are hidden--clearance items in the wrong place, clothing that is discounted because it's sized wrong, etc.

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