Friday, March 13, 2009

Indoor Gardening: Plant Propagation

Wanna know how to get 5 (or more) houseplants for the price of 1? Follow along:

Meet schefflera arboricola: "popular for its tolerance of neglect and poor growing conditions," (wikipedia) which is why I like it.

Start with one plant. Cut a stem (or a few) below at least one joint.

House the stem in water for a few weeks.

Soon it will look like this:

and this:

Supply checklist: potting soil, pot, stems. Check, check, and check.

Fill the pot with potting soil about 2/3 full.

Insert stems.

Fill the pot with potting soil up to about 1" from the lip of the pot. Press the soil.

And, voila! Now you have 2.

After a few more weeks, you can start the process again.


  • Most house plants will work. Here's another article with instructions on how to propagate house plants.

  • Use the cut stems to decorate your house. While you're waiting for the roots to grow, you can use the stems as greenery for your home. Just find some nice looking vases to keep them in.

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