Monday, August 10, 2009

Nordstrom Rack Grand Opening

I apologize in advance for excluding anyone who doesn't live around here, but I can't keep the excitement to myself.

Nordstrom Rack is opening 5 minutes from my house!

About a year ago (I can't be sure of the time frame...I have blocked it from my memory) the closest Rack to me closed. Oh the horror!

Imagine my elation when I read a cardboard sign in the window of a newly constructed building that said, "Nordstrom Rack, Grand Opening Aug 21st"! I believe I tried calling everyone on my speed dial to share the news.

Mark your calendars: Nordstrom Rack Grand Opening Party, Southlake, TX, August 21st.
Even if you don't live around here, I'm inviting you, too!

  • Find the closest Nordstrom Rack to you.
  • Come to my party! Email me and I'll find you a good airfare...