Monday, June 1, 2009

Family Photos: Step-Down Method

If you normally go to a professional studio ($500-$1000), try...

finding a freelance photographer

If you normally use a freelance photographer ($300-$500), try...

Going to a low-cost chain studio.

If you normally use a chain ($50-$100), try...

Taking some snapshots yourself ($10-$50 for one large print).

WWBD: For everyday photos, I like to play around with my own camera. Here are a few examples:

Taken at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. I wanted an updated family photo to display in my house. This was the best one, but I'm not completely happy with the perspective and composition. Look at the way my daughter (bottom right corner) is sitting...not very ladylike!

It rained Easter morning, so we went out in the yard to snap some photos. It took me LOTS of phots to get a decent one of these three.

I like this one of my oldest.

But when I want a nice family photo, I use Pebblebrook Portraits, owned by a freelance photographer (Check her photography blog, too!). She takes excellent photos, and offers the lowest prices in the DFW area. Here are a few she took of my family:

  • Ask around. If you see a great family photo at a friend's house, ask for a referral.
  • Use Google to search. Type "freelance photographer [your area]" to find a list of options. Most photographers display samples of their work on a website. The best ones (I think) also list their prices.


  1. I use Pebblebrook Portraits as well and have always been thrilled with the pictures she takes!

  2. Your arms look good in the first photo!!

  3. I have heard that she needs newborns to build her fact she just took pictures of my two of my friend's little ones and is giving them so a couple of prints in exchange. So that would make it an even BETTER deal!

    PS if you need 9 month olds, Blake is ready :)