Friday, June 5, 2009

Low-Cost Summer Activities

Now what?!

I used to dread the last day of school, knowing I'd have to entertain 5 kids 24/7 all summer long--DAUNTING!

Somewhere along the way I started looking forward to being...

wet (in a pool)


freshly cut grass
summer rain
a barbecue


my garden grow
stars at night

and spending time with my children.

But who am I kidding? The kids get BORED! And I find myself oft-quoting my oldest sister: "I'm not the entertainment committee."

Not to fear! My friend, Susette, has put together a list of free or low-cost activities for lots of summer fun:

Anyone else have ideas???


  • Live in the DFW area? Email me. Susette's list has lots of local details and coupons. I'll pass it on.
  • Check your local paper for cultural events and places of interest.

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