Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One of a Kind Dress for Under $10

Here's my do-it-yourself One of a Kind dress for under $10

I have to admit that the hem isn't finished. It turned out a little shorter than I wanted, so I'm deciding whether to keep it short and wear it with tights, or add ribbon, fringe, or some other embellishment to the hem.
Fabric: $2 (2 yards @ $1/yd from Walmart)
Pattern: $1 on sale at Joann's.
I may even wear it to church!
  • Go for it! With fabric that cheap, even if you never wear, it's good sewing practice. I bought the whole bolt of fabric. Should I sew an overcoat, hat, and purse to match??
  • Don't give up. The neck band gave me some trouble, but the 3rd time was a charm.


  1. Hooray for National Sewing month! I'm glad you accepted my challenge, and I must say it looks good! If you have enough fabric leftover, you could do a contrasting colored piping on the current hem and add another few inches with the same fabric as the dress. Good job!

  2. Way to sew Becky....maybe you can teach me when I get out of here. :)