Thursday, January 22, 2009

Banana Republic Clearance

I got word that Banana Republic (BR when texting) is having a great clearance sale, so I went to check it out this afternoon. Here's a sample of what's on sale (and what has now been added to my wardrobe):

This silk cotton cashmere sweater originally retailed at $59.

Originally priced at $98, these denim trousers are a steal!

This top is so soft and perfect for layering. Original price: $34.

This cap-sleeved top will transition nicely into spring. Original price: $39.

Originally $69, this cardigan sweater is made from extra fine Merino wool.

These items averaged a savings of 75%. My local Banana Republic store still had a fairly good selection, including drastically reduced dresses and coats.


  • Don't be too wowed by the difference between original price and sale price. The Banana Republic brand name significantly inflates the original price, so make sure you are getting a quality item for the price you pay. On the other hand, Banana Republic tends to use higher quality fabrics than, say, Old Navy.
  • Stock up on basics. In my wardrobe experience, BR clothing tends to last longer than less expensive clothing, so take advantage of the sale to acquire great basics, like classic pants, white shirts, etc.--pieces that will continue to be stylish through many seasons.

Let me know what you find!


  1. Is the sale still going on? I may have to go this week if it is.

  2. I was there on Friday, and there was still a big selection. I don't know of an official end date to the sale, though.

  3. Thanks for the tip Becky...I scored bigtime! I have always loved their clothes, I just never wanted to pay the price. I got 4 shirts for $40, can't beat that! I didn't score in the pant department, because I am too short and so are my legs. Oh well. Thanks again! You are totally my bargain hunter.