Saturday, January 31, 2009

Your Bargain Hunter: Chainsaw Air Filter

My husband's chainsaw needs some tuning up, so he asked me to find him a deal on an air filter for a Craftsman chainsaw. He wants to get back to cutting stuff....I've never seen him giddier than when he's wielding his chainsaw to rid the world (aka our little piece of recreational property) of fallen, dead trees that camouflage creepy copperheads.

So, he found the right part on for 2.91. Pretty cheap, you say? After shipping is added, the total cost jumps to $11. Still not bad. But I knew I could do better....

I just ordered for him a chainsaw airfilter (same part #) on for $3.77 including shipping. That's 2/3 less. Hey, a dollar is a dollar.

  • Make sure it's the right part. Sometimes it's even hard to tell by a picture whether a part is the right fit. Using a part number virtually guarantees you'll get the right part.
  • Feedback score is key on In general, my personal guideline for judging an ebay seller includes never buying from someone who has lower than a 95% rating, and if the seller has a small number of feedback ratings (<100),>


  1. Kinda cool thing I learned at Christmas . . . if you order from from a kiosk AT their actual store, there's no shipping! Saved me a ton on some KitchenAid accessories that I couldn't find in town anywhere, and shipping would put them out of my budget.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Do you order it at the kiosk, then come back when it has arrived? Similar concept to Wal-mart's site-to-store option?