Saturday, January 24, 2009

Your Bargain Hunter: Nexxus Vitatress Biotin Shampoo

This request comes from a friend who has been using Nexxus Vitatress Biotin Shampoo for hair thickening. She paid just under $40 for a 10 oz bottle. She has been pleased with the results and would like to purchase more, but the price is prohibitive.

I found a few options for her:

1. sells the shampoo for $7.65 (+$7.00 shipping).

2. An eBay seller has 3-10oz bottles on sale for $19.99 (+$6.00 shipping).

3. sells a different brand biotin shampoo for $5.34 ($5.95 shipping).

She decided to go with option #2, but the other two options would be money-savers as well.


  • Don't give up. Do a little research. Ask around. Be creative. The right solution will materialize.
  • Buy from reliable websites. In my opinion, consumer ratings are the best indicator of a trustworthy seller. I try to buy from sellers that have a seller rating of 95% or better. (More on this later....)
  • Consider the cost of shipping. Shipping costs vary widely between online vendors. In this case, even with the cost of shipping, all three options were good deals. Sometimes, though, the cost of shipping can take the bargain out of it.

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