Monday, January 12, 2009

Let's Get Down to the Bargain Basics

My two biggest passions are fitness and bargain hunting. There is an information overload about exercise and nutrition, so I will leave that to others.

It seems to me the turn of events in the economy of late has prompted more people to talk about saving money, ways to cut back, how to get out of debt, etc. As I have searched for more information myself (on TV shows, websites, magazine and newspaper articles--even I could stand to improve), I have decided that I might have something to offer others who are searching for ways to save money.

Don’t get me wrong….I am not perfect myself. I have experienced deep buyer’s remorse on occasion. I also know what’s it like to feel the pressure to keep up with the “Jones’s.” I live in an affluent area of North Texas where most of my friends and acquaintances drive luxury cars and wear designer clothing. It’s hard for me not to give in….

However, the things I am most proud of are the equity we have built up in our home, the retirement account we have grown, and the fact that we have NEVER paid interest on a credit card.

Each topic includes a short experience of my own and some tips on saving money and finding the right price.

Finally, I want to help! You can email me the item you’re searching for and the price you’re willing to pay. I can research for you the best price.


  1. You should do a business where you charge 10% of what you save the other person. Then you're not any better than the Lord!
    You've got some great ideas here. I wish you could come look around Korea for things. You can buy this whole country for a few zillion won.
    This is a shopper's paradise. Anyway, your blog looks good. Do you sew? Then you could buy fabric and make your own curtains.

  2. Hey Becky,

    That is a neat blog. I like your ideas. I want to fix up my bedroom. I think I need a new bedspread. I have a queen bed, but like a bigger king spread with shams. The walls are a light tan. I don't like things too busy. You've seen my carpet. The big picture above the bed has a darker blue --not the frame the ??? I can't think of the word. It goes between the picture and the frame. The frame is dark oak as is the furniture. I have a light blue chair in there. Can you find me a bedspread for around $50?

    Love you,



    Also looking for a wobble board. They are around $40 at target. I would have a used one if I could find one.