Monday, January 19, 2009

What Would Becky Do?

Heather writes:

"I bought PJ’s at Macy’s on sale which I LOVE: perfect color and fit. After 4 wearings (2 washings) a seam has come apart. Do I return it or fix it?"

You should never feel restricted from returning a defective item. That being said, some stores accept returns more willingly than others. You also have to consider the time and cost it takes to return an item.

In this case, specifically, my first question is, “Do you think you can find another set of pajamas that you love as much for the same price or less?”

Macy’s return policy states that they will accept returns with tags and a receipt up to 180 days from the date of purchase. However, several websites complained of grudging Macy’s clerks when they returned an item.

I called your local Macy’s and talked to an employee in the Initmates department. She very kindly asked for you to bring in whatever you have, and she will work with you. Without a receipt she would have to get approval from a manager, but she seemed very willing to help and make sure you’re satisfied.

My second question: “Are you willing to take the time and effort to travel to the department store and potentially haggle with a clerk?”

WWBD: If I didn’t think I could find another set of pajamas that I loved as much, I would keep them and fix them. If I thought I could find another pair just as great, I would take them back--absolutely. (In addition, I would let Macy’s know that I shop with them, because they have a reputation for quality clothing. This situation dissatisfied me, because my favorite pajamas disappointed, and returning them required time and effort. Of course, all this would be stated very kindly, and I would thank the sales clerk very much for helping me. Kindness always gets result!!!)

Let me know what you decide!

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  1. OK so I returned the item. I looked at fixing it but the seam was fraying and there wasn't enough fabric to bring it in without it puckering in the behind area (not attractive). It took me a while to find a clerk, period. But then they credited my debit card just fine--without a receipt NOR tags. I think as long as the item is still in stock and they can scan it, it is easier to return. So now I am trying to take your advice that the right jammies are out there at a good price, so just wait. Thanks!