Thursday, January 15, 2009

Frugal Fashion I

Fashion doesn't have to cost a fortune. My friend and I both love shopping, and we both love fashion. Here are some examples of similar items (with different pricetags) that my friend and I have purchased:

I got my coat (on the right) on sale at the London Fog outlet.

Here, I benefited from a sale at Ann Taylor.

These pants (on the right) were on clearance at the J. Crew outlet.

Notice the similar linings. The one on the left is from TJ Maxx.

My friend paid full price for her Lucky jeans. I got mine at the Lucky outlet.

Here are some of my other favorite fashion finds:

That's for the whole outfit!
Shoes from Nordstrom Rack : $16
Jacket from Ross: $15
White shirt and black skirt on clearance at Old Navy: $1.99 each.

G-star skir from the outlet: $20
Calvin Klein woven shirt from Ross: $8
Anne Klein belt from Ross: $2
Shoes on clearance at Old Navy: $8

Max Studio Specialty Products ( on sale at the retail store.

Diesel shoes (that retail for about $90) from the clearance section at DSW Shoe Warehouse .

My two favorite shoe brands are Kenneth Cole and Steve Madden. I fell in love with these shoes at the Kenneth Cole outlet in Vegas, and almost paid the $70 pricetag. At the last moment I decided I couldn't pay that much for shoes. We were a match made to be, though. Back in Texas I found the exact same shoes at Burlington Coat Factory for $30.

  • Sometimes it's better to wait. If it doesn't feel right--if the price doesn't match the need or the desire, you should probably wait. The right deal will come along.
  • Know when clearance sales are. In general, at the end of the season you can get better prices.
  • Outlets don't always have the best deals. Sometimes you can find better prices in the regular store during sales than you can find at the outlet.

    Thanks, Heather, for the idea and helping with the photo shoot!


  1. The layouts look great! I'm calling InStyle mag to recommend you. I love the price tag details too!


  2. This blog is awesome!! Thanks for sharing your money-saving wisdom. :-)

  3. Just came across your blog and I love it..! You have awesome taste.. Last pair of shoes is my favorite.