Friday, April 3, 2009

Bargain Huntress Faves: Frugal Living Resources

Basically a huge forum for frugal living. You can sign up for newsletters on topics ranging from recipes to crafts to household cleaning and repairs. Here's the latest "tip of the day" that I received:

Gardening On A Budget

"I think that the easiest way to garden on a budget is to have patience and to gain a collection of plants that are simple propagators; for example Sedum. You can break a piece from the mother plant and plunge it into the ground and it will stay green and thrive. The following year will bring you a hardy new plant with multiple stalks to fill out more and more with each year.

"I also like to buy hardy plants that can be safely split, like day-lilies already bloomed. These often get discounted after the flowers are gone. Take it home and slice it in half and plant it. You will have two fuller plants the following year, and it may re-bloom late summer.

"You can save a lot of money by asking for clippings, buds, or seeds from friends and family or by purchasing one plant and having some patience."

By Gina from Collegeville, PA

Generally the same idea as thriftyfun with less focus on crafts.

These two websites kept appearing during google searches, so I decided to add them to my regular "surfing" repertoire.


  • Be prepared to sort through. Like shopping at a discount clothing store, you need to sort through the abundant amount of information to get what you're looking for. Using the "search" tool or signing up for newsletters will help to focus the material.

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