Monday, April 20, 2009

Printer Ink

It's time to replace my black ink cartridge (HP 92).

I normally buy a combo pack from the Costco warehouse, but this time I'm not satisfied that's the cheapest way to go. Perhaps I'm tired of shelling out so much money for ink (that my kids use to print an entire page of black).

Here are the options:

WWBD: I just placed a bid on ebay for a 6-pack, starting bid: $24.95 ($4.16 per cartridge). There are no bids and the auction is over in a few hours, so I feel pretty confident I will win. I set my highest bid as 29.50, so if someone outbids me, I can go back and get the other one I just listed above.


  • Don't outbid me!

  • Try a google search, ebay search, and an amazon search to find the best price for your particular print cartridge.

  • Save the planet. Ordering recycled print cartridges keeps them out of the landfills. (You know me, Ms. TreeHugger...) Refilling them yourselves is even cheaper, but pretty messy. I like the idea of having someone else refill them for me.


  1. Update: won the auction for 24.95. Score!

  2. Another great place to look is It is amazing how low their prices are. We've used them for a long time...they are cheap, and get to you QUICK!

  3. This is a good example of "going green" for cheap. The commercialization of this concept tempts people to spend more $ than usual sometimes on items. But this is a very practical way to make a difference AND save money.