Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Remove Unwanted Hair for Less

Thick, dark hair works great on my head...

but NOT under my arms or in my bikini area. Shaving leaves bumps and ingrown hairs, and it NEVER looks cleanly shaven. This is a huge quality of life issue for me.

Here are my options for taking care of unwanted hair in "Step-down" fashion:
  • Laser hair removal: A rough estimate for underarm and bikini totals about $1000. The upside--potentially never having to shave again. The downside--no guarantee that it works/lasts forever.

  • Professional waxing: The local salon I visit charges $70 for underarm and bikini. Upside--lasts 6 weeks or more. Downside--ouch!

  • At home waxing: $8 and includes enough supplies for about 5 or 6 rounds of waxing. Upside--low cost and lasts 6 weeks or more. Downside--again, ouch!

  • Shaving: $7.50 for a 3-pack of my favorite razor, Gillette Venus. Upside--convenient. Downside--requires daily maintenance at times (summertime and gym visits) and never looks completely smooth.

  • Go European: Free. Upside--low cost, low maintenance. Downside--unattractive! (That's the nicest way I could put it.)

WWBD: I wax at home. I seriously considered laser hair removal, but the price and the reports that it doesn't last forever steered me away.


  • Find a helper for at-home waxing. I happen to have a live-in helper (my husband) who's excellent. He does it quickly and when I'm not expecting it, so I only jump around and yelp minimally.
  • Please don't go European! Unless you're in Europe...


  1. I have this image in my head that is cracking me up!!!

  2. Does that wax ever rip skin? Sometimes wax pulls up skin, but I think it works better than the sally hansen stuff.

  3. I've done it close to 10 times now and have never had skin pull off. The instructions say to always pull parallel to the skin rather than away from the skin.

  4. Do you have to "grow out" your unwanted hair for a period of time to do it, though? I think I'll give it a try!

  5. PS I love that picture of you.

  6. The hair should be about a quarter inch long. So I just hold my arms close to my sides for a week until I wax.

    P.S. Thanks for the compliment.

  7. Look at those shiny tresses!

  8. Go European... Are you aware that it might be offensive? I bet you wouldn't enjoy to read something in the lines of 'all the Americans are fat and stuff their faces with burgers!!1! Lol don't try this at home!'
    I am European and I've never seen someone with hairy armpits or legs or anything. If the stereotype was true I'd certainly laugh about it but it isn't even a true fact. Then is the stereotype of the American ignorance true? I'd like to be proven otherwise.