Friday, April 17, 2009

Discount Grocers

My friend, Heather, and I stopped by Town Talk (in Fort Worth, TX), a warehouse-type grocery store that sells closeouts, products from bankrupted grocers, etc. Here are some deals we found:

Continuous spray sunscreen averages about $10 at the grocery store. Discount: 80%

Sesame dressing: about $3 regularly. Discount: 90%

Regularly $0.95. Discount: 66%

$5 at the regular grocery store. Discount: 80%

Same-sized container at the grocery store: $7.50. Discount: 60%

Freshly bakes Tuscan boule: $4 at the grocer's bakery. Discount: over 90%

$10 at the grocery store. Discount: 80%

$9 at the grocery store. Discount: 50%

Here's a map and address for Town Talk.

  • Check expiration dates. Some items might be ok past the "best if used by" date.
  • Find specialty or organic items. You'll probably find more of these items heavily discounted.
  • Readers who are not local to the DFW area might find similar discount groceries at Closeout Central. Or try using terms such as "discount grocer" or "thrift grocery store" with Google.

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