Thursday, April 16, 2009

Landscaping for free (or almost)

My #1 rule: Use perennials!!!

Ajuga: One plant ($2) spread and multiplied, and after a year I dug up a few starts and transplanted them to other spots in my yard. I chose this picture, because NOTHING will grow in this spot--except ajuga. I love you, ajuga...

If you plant annuals, let the dead blooms fall on the ground, or scatter them where you'd like them to grow next year. I planted these snapdragons 1 1/2 years ago. Check out the circled one in the top left corner that found its way to the rocks.

I know nothing about roses except that mine thrive on poor soil conditions and neglect. I pretty much ignore them except to cut some for a bouquet.

Spearmint: one small start from Home Depot set me back $2.

Sugar snap peas: one seed packet--$0.99. I expect some in my salad in a few weeks.

Lavender Cotton: 3 small starts--$2 each.

Lantana: one start from a friend--free. They attract butterflies and bloom during the HOT summer months.

English ivy: 2 small starts--$2 each.

California poppy: from a bag of wildflower seed--$4. These are my favorites! They are so bright and colorful, and they spread and multiply every year.

Wild blackberry: grew from the ditch outside our fence--free. We trained them along our side of the fence. They should be ripe around the beginning of June. Can't wait!

Vinca: one start--$2.

  • Be patient. Growing perennials and from transplanted starts takes longer than growing annuals, but it really pays off when your beautiful yard sustains itself with little management.
  • Start small. Buying smaller perennials from the nursery saves money, and they tend to adapt better.

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  1. Looking good! I want to taste your blackberries when they ripen. Hey, where can I purchase some of that patience you keep talking about?