Friday, February 20, 2009

Dora Phone Toy

Today my youngest daughter turns 2!

Bedhead Birthday Girl

Here she is all dressed up.

She doesn't know it yet, but she's getting the Vtech Dora TV Explorer Phone for her birthday. It retails new on ebay for $34.99, but I found it at Costco on clearance after Christmas for $4.97--a savings of 85%.


  • "Keep your eyes peeled." That's what my mother used to tell us when looking for the perfect parking spot. I apply it to shopping as well.
  • Know Costco's pricing methods. If an item ends with a .97, it is on sale (sometimes a little reduced, other times drastically reduced). If it ends with a .00, they are trying to get rid of it (these are usually the best deals).


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!!!!! That dancing video is HILARIOUS and SO CUTE. Connor was cracking up.

    I can't believe that deal. Geez, woman.

  2. Did anyone notice that the still shot on the video is of Claire picking her nose? I just now saw that.