Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Your Bargain Huntress: Entry Table

A reader writes:

"I'm also looking for a bargain--and you seem to be the one for finding deals. I am looking for a decorative table to go beneath a huge mirror that I have in my entry-way. I really would prefer to buy a good used one for around $50 and refinish it---but I don't know where to look around here! If I can't find a used, I don't mind buying a new one...but I don't want to spend more than $100. I'm attaching a file of some ideas. I don't really care how ornate it is. It could even be really plain. Any ideas for me?"

Here are the "ideas":

Here are her options:

This solid wood table is from (in her local area) for $60 (she could offer around $40), and it doesn't look like it needs refinishing--of course you never know until you see it in person.

This set of tables is listed on craigslist (also local to her) for $25. She could offer $10 for one table or take both and use the coffee table or sell it. These look like they need some tlc, but have potential. A new coat of paint or the removal of paint and some stain could turn this entry table into a gem.

If she decides to go with a new table, this one comes from for $93.89 shipped.

Or this one from for $92 shipped.

WWBD: It's exciting to take a piece of furniture that's an "ugly duckling" and turn it into a beautiful swan. That's why furniture is my favorite thing to buy used and why I would offer $10 for the green table above and refinish it.

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