Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pottery Barn Wall Vase Knock-offs

A few years ago, the pottery barn catalog featured wall vases similar to these (they were conical in shape, though):

I fell in love, but didn't want to pay the catalog price (2 for $36). My remedially creative mind started churning, and I recruited my husband to make them. Here's how they turned out:

The glasses came from Target (a set of 24 on clearance for $5). My husband used his dremel to drill the holes in the back. For Generation 2 we used clear acrylic glasses, because a few of the first ones fell victim to flying soccer balls and other object. I can put fresh flowers in them as well and add a little bit of water to each glass.

  • You don't have to be Mr. or Mrs. Fix-it to do it yourself. Don't be afraid to try. A little trial and error provides an excellent education.
  • Buy a dremel if you don't have one. It is a handy tool that we have found loads of uses for.

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  1. THAT IS AMAZING. I am so impressed with your craftiness.