Thursday, February 12, 2009

More on the Canon Powershot A590 IS

I didn't rave enough about my new camera (Canon Powershot A590 IS). Yesterday I found a little free time (thanks, Susette!), so I played with the camera using tips from an article on My camera has so many more features that are easy to use than my last camera (may it rest in peace). My photography experience is nil. I just happened to see the above article and thought it would be fun to test out the new camera. Here are some of my favorites:

I'm calling this "Seashell by Blue Vase" (catchy, eh?)

"Shell We Dance?"

"Shell-f Life"


"Frilly Fake Flower"

"Good Morning, Daffodil"

"Carolina Jasmine--Home to our lizards"

"Candle on My Mantel"

"I Should Wash My Talavera"


Tell me which is your favorite! (I guess I got a little silly with the names--remember, I'm remedially creative. Please submit better names, too!)

Here's the bargain tie-in: You can use your own shots as art for your home.

  • Take lots of shots. Advice courtesy of But she's right. I took about 150 shots around my home and got these 9 that looked good.
  • Group by theme. Pick several shots that have the same color splash (e.g. I could take several different shots of the shell next to the blue vase) or the same type of object (e.g. I could take several shots of different shells) to make an artistic grouping for your wall. Make sure the frames match as well for the best result.


  1. I am quite partial to "I should wash my talavera." :) I should probably wash mine, too...

  2. I like the "Jasmine" and the "Shell We Dance"--Great pics. You are a photo injenue!