Thursday, February 5, 2009


Ok, folks. Today I'm stumped. Usually that signals to me that I should wait to buy whatever item I've looked for, but I don't want to wait. My husband's Apple Ipod (aka my ipod--he never uses it, but he won it, so I have to call it his) Click Wheel 20gb just died. *sniff* *sniff* (tears are dropping onto my keyboard...) I get so bored at the gym without it!

My search has been for an mp3 player that has at least 20 or 30 gb of memory and can play videos. I'm used to the Ipod and Itunes, but I could adjust to a different system. However, everything I read on the internet says the ipod is the best. Microsoft's Zune player comes close, but doesn't have some of the features, the battery life, or as many available accessories.

The Apple Ipod Classic 120gb made it to the top of my list. The lowest price I can find for a new one is $220 on Is there a lower priced (not refurbished) one out there? I can't find it. Or is there another alternative that I can't see? I haven't seen it.

Can you help? I'll make you queen/king of my blog for the day if you can find me a better deal.


  1. Chris really likes his Zune... and he got a cheap refurbished one from (a site that does a daily deal... my mom got an awesome deal on a Dyson on it). Have you checked Ebay?

  2. Has the refurbished Zune been fine? I've always been a little hesitant to buy refurbished electronics. I have checked ebay, but only for new ipds and zunes. They are more on ebay than on amazon.

  3. My refub'ed Zune has been fine. No problems at all. I've used it everyday for a little over a year (I listen to music or podcasts to and from school everyday). I'm noticing that the battery may be holding less charge than when I first got it, but I am still able to listen for ~45 minutes per day for most of a week without recharging (that is mostly music, I don't watch a lot of video).

    The downside is that you will have to dump iTunes. As long as all of your music is in mp3 format you're fine. If any of it is in the proprietary Apple format (aac) then you won't be able to transfer the music without some extra leg work.

    What other features are you interested in?

    Another consideration is to get a smaller player (like a Nano) and not sync your entire library. This would save some money and provide you with many of the same features as the larger iPod. Also, if you do get a Nano I could provide a free Nike arm band to use when working out (I have a box of 8-10 unopened... long story).

  4. If you don't mind rushing your purchase, Dell Home is having a 20% off sale today on mp3 players. If they have ipods I can't find them, but they do have zunes. The coupon code is: 138BFW5PN676V2 from